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Presentations on Wednesday June 7th                   Room MB C2.04
Presentation Speaker/s Start End
30′ Welcome words: Vision for a measurement infrastructure fit for digital age finance Francis Gross (ECB) 10h55 11h25
Session Chair: Francis Gross
25′ The Relevance of XBRL Voluntary Disclosure for Stock Markets: The Role of Corporate Governance Pierre Teller, Denis Cormier, Dominique Dufour and Philippe Luu 11h25 11h50
15′  Consolidation levels of financial statements: Options according to XBRL dimensional specificities and filing rules.  Ignacio Boixo 11h50 12h05
100′ Lunch 12h05 13h45
Session Chair: Pierre Teller
25′ Structured Data for Natural Capital Accounting and Green GDP in the UK by 2020 Liv Watson and Brad Monterio 13h45 14h10
25′ The dilemma of XBRL-XML versus XBRL-JSON regarding linkage of financial information Christian Beelitz 14h10 14h35
25′  XBRL Formula language progress, comparisons with Formula linkbase  Herman Fischer 14h35 15h00
25′ Coffee Break 15h00 15h25
Session Chair: Maria Mora
25′ XBRL analytics with OIM Ian Hicks and Mark Goodhand 15h25 15h50
25′ The OIM, one step beyond Jean-Paul Daisomont and Denis Robinet 15h50 16h15
25′ Semantic interoperability in XBRL reports via collaborative ontology mappings and Linked Data principles Freddy Priyatna, José Luis Redondo García and Nandana Mihindukulasooriya 16h15 16h40
10′ Openfiling General Assembly Ignacio Boixo (Chair), Yoshiaki Wada (Vice-chair) 16h40 16h55
Presentations on Thursday June 8th                   Room MB C2.04
Presentation Speaker/s Start End
30′ Introduction to the XBRL Europe Academic Working Group by Gilles Maguet, General Secretary, XBRL Europe Maria Mora and Pierre Teller (Co-chairs) 11h00 11h30
Session Chair: Thierry Declerck
25′ Integration and Exploration of Financial Data using Semantics and Ontologies Roberto Garcia (Keynote Speaker) 11h30 11h55
25′ Porting the xEBR taxonomies to a LOD compliant format Thierry Declerck and Dagmar Gromann 11h55 12h20
25′ Semantic Approach to Financial Data Integration for Enabling New Insights Emmanuel Asimadi, Stephan Reiff-Marganiec, Brian Donnelly, Joseph Baker and Daren Fang 12h20 12h45
75′ Lunch 12h45 14h00
Session Chair: Ignacio Boixo
25′  Validation of structured reports using Model Driven Architecture (MDA), proof of concept in the Platform Independent Model (PIM)  María Pérez and Ignacio Santos 14h00 14h25
40′ Wrap-up and closing: Preparation Academic Track, Eurofiling XBRL week 2018 14h25 15h05